Puppy Training

Starting Your Puppy On The Right Paw!

Did you know that your puppy has a small window of time during which your puppy will learn faster and retain the knowledge more strongly? We call this time the Critical Socialization Period. This period lasts from approximately 3 to 14 weeks old. Dogs, and puppies in particular, love to explore and learn! They are learning every single moment they are awake. Training and socializing your puppy early will help her grow into a happy and confident adult dog that she was meant to be. 

Dogs are not born understanding all the rules of our world. Puppies learn these things from the beginning and if we consistently tell them “no!”, it can lead to confusion and frustration in the puppy. Instead, we choose to train the puppy what behavior we prefer. Doing this with positive reinforcement training ensures that the puppy grows up happy and confident, ready to be on this worldly journey with us.

Puppy Consultations

Puppy consultations help you and your puppy get started on the right paw!

 – We cover all of the most important information about puppies including socialization, nipping, jumping, house training and more, and develop a customized training plan for your puppy.

 – Don’t have your puppy yet? We can help you prepare with product suggestions, house and kennel setups and teach you what to expect when you bring your puppy home, from the first night to a happy adult dog.

– Looking for a puppy? We can advise you and help you find the perfect fit for your family!


Private Puppy Training

Puppy training lessons specialized for you and your puppy! Our puppy training includes sit, down, touch, stay, wait, leave it, drop it and come when called. We won’t stop there though. We know that the key to a happy adult dog is socializing early in your puppy’s life. We’ll help your puppy learn to navigate the world in a relaxing and happy manner!

We offer single lessons, a package of 4 – 1 hour lessons or a package of 6 – 1 hour lessons. Don’t see a package that’s just right for you? Let us know, we’re happy to help create the perfect fit!


Puppy Playgroups

If you are already enrolled in our puppy training program, you are eligible to enroll in ($25) our puppy socialization Saturday mornings. You can relax and watch as your puppy learns and plays with friends. Puppy playgroups are usually scheduled for outside on Saturday mornings during good weather.

Due to freezing temperatures and precipitation as well as COVID, we are unable to hold puppy playgroups currently. As soon as we’re back up and running, we will change this message!