Dog Training

Want to help your dog be the best she can?

When dogs behave in certain ways, they are just making choices. Many times, if we just teach them the behavior we prefer, dogs are so agreeable! We would love to have our dog not jump on guests and calmly greet our visitors. Does the dog know that naturally? Of course not. The good news is that when we teach dogs what behavior we’d like to see in a certain situation and we positively reinforce this behavior, dogs are usually quite happy to give us the new behavior. Teaching these behaviors that we’d like to see sets you and your dog up for success and a happy life together!

Basic Manners For Your Dog

First, let’s start with a consultation – This helps both the trainer and the client be on the same page for setting training goals, plans and timelines for completion.

During your consultation:

  • We will discuss any history that you know about your dog including the dog’s past before you adopted her and what her life has been like since joining your family.
  • We will discuss your training goals for your dog and how we can best plan to meet those goals. This may be private training in your home or private training out and about in our town or a combination of both.
  • Lastly, we can discuss how many lessons you may need to accomplish your training goals.

You and your dog will be on the road to success!


Basic Manner Behaviors Include

Basic training lessons are specialized for you and your dog. Our basic manners training includes sit, down, touch, stay, wait, leave it, drop it and come when called. We won’t stop there though. If you’d like to focus on door manners or greetings with people, we can design your training plan to include these behaviors too. Need loose leash walking? Not a problem!

We offer:

  • single lessons
  • a package of 4 – 1 hour lessons
  • a package of 6 – 1 hour lessons
  • a package of 8- 1 hour lessons

Don’t see a package that’s just right for you? Let us know, we’re happy to help create the perfect fit!