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Camille Asmer, CPDT, CBCC

My name is Camille Asmer and I am the owner and trainer at Sit, Stay, Play Dog Training.

Studying about dogs is absolutely fascinating to me so you can always find me taking a class in my free time. Here are some of the education opportunities that I’ve had:

  • Graduated with honors from CATCH Canine Trainers Academy
  • Studied clicker training through Karen Pryor Academy
  • Attended seminars from amazing leaders in the dog training industry such as Emily Larlham, Susan Freidman, Jean Donaldson, Patricia McConnell, Debbie Jacobs, Ken Ramirez, Chiraq Patel, and Denise Fenzi.
  • Enjoyed online classes studying not only training, but dog behavior and applied animal behavior analysis.
  • Worked for Project 2 Heal as the Head Trainer. Our goal was to breed, raise, and train Labrador Retreivers to become service dogs or highly skilled companion dogs for people with disabilities.
  • Worked for Zoom Room Dog Training where I taught private and group lessons in obedience and agility.

I have earned national certifications — Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Behavior Consultant Canine —  by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, an independent council that works to maintain high-proficiency standards in the dog training industry.

I am also a Certified Fear Free Professional trainer. Fear Free professionals work hard to lower pets’ stress levels during veterinarian visits and in their everyday lives.

My passion is helping people reach their goals with their dogs. Whether it’s instructing all levels of obedience to dogs and their humans or helping a dog with a behavior issue, I’ll always be using a force-free, science-based approach. The greatest joy in my job is watching the client-dog bond that is formed through force-free training!

Hours of Training

Dogs Trained

“We all make mistakes, human and animal alike. It is our response to those mistakes that matters in life.”


We all make mistakes, human and animal alike. It is our response to those mistakes that matters in life. We can choose to be angry and respond with force to make an animal do what we think is correct, but that teaches the dog to be fearful of thinking and fearful of making choices, and it damages our relationship with our dog. At Sit, Stay, Play, we teach the behaviors we like and reinforce them with something the dog considers to be positive such as treats, praise, or toys. Sometimes a behavior occurs that is less desirable, and it will happen…after all, who’s perfect??? In these instances, we simply ignore the behavior or redirect the dog into a great behavior that we can reinforce and celebrate. It has been scientifically proven that dogs will repeat a behavior that has been reinforced and will be much less likely to repeat a behavior that has not.

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